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Employment Lawyer

You've worked hard. Now let us work hard for you.

Every day, we advocate for employees and small employers. Our experience representing both sides gives us a well-rounded understanding of various situations and the issues that may arise. We get results inside and outside of the courtroom, and work to secure fair treatment in the workplace.

Employment issues are oftentimes more emotional than divorces, as your livelihood is being threatened. We take the worry out of this process by working closely with you every step of the way – whether it be protecting your jobs, developing an exit strategy, or simply negotiating a separation agreement.

State and federal laws protect workers from improper treatment by their employers. When an employer breaks these laws, an employee can hire an attorney to resolve the problem.

Not all unethical or unfair behavior by a manager or a company is illegal. However, if you have an employment case that requires the assistance of a lawyer, our firm can provide you with guidance.

Do you need legal advice regarding a difficult employment matter? Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our experienced employment lawyer.

we advise both employees and small businesses whose rights have been violated.

Dedicated to helping you understand your legal rights.

As your attorney, Michelle will handle all relevant aspects of your employment matter. She will listen to your concerns, return your phone calls, and keep you informed of developments in your case. She will make sure you understand your legal rights so you can protect those rights.

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